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Second Flush 2021 | Darjeeling Teas

Second Flush - The 2nd harvest of the year is known as the 2nd Flush which has an overall matured flavour and liquor than the 1st Flush teas. The most delicious world famous Darjeeling Muscatel flavour teas are produced during this harvest. This harvest starts from the last week of May and ends by the 3rd - 4th week of June.

Glenburn Spl.Musk | sftgfop-1-EX-84 2nd Flush 2021 - Black Tea

A classic style pure 2nd Flush 2021 darjeeling tea plucked from the pure AV2 clonal bushes of this world famous tea garden of darjeeling. The dry leaves are sorted small in size and has lots of silver tips in it.The dry leaves gives out delicious aroma of sweet raisins,dates and dark chocolates with undertones of caramel. When steeped for complete 5 minutes the cup gives out bright golden orange liquor. Each sip is very smooth which reminds of ripe oranges,ripe red cherries with undertones of hazelnuts and sweet muscat grapes with a citrus aftertaste. A delicious classic style 2nd Flush 2021 darjeeling tea which can be enjoyed throughout the day.

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